13 December 2006

The Perfect Shoes

Do they even exist?  Is there a perfect pair of shoes to fit my oddly-sized feet?  The perfect shoe would be a 10 and a half wide at the toe, narrow at the heel.  It doesn't exist.  I have been looking all day.  The kids and I have covered a quarter of the city looking for formal shoes to match my dress for my sister's wedding. 

Making the problem more difficult is that shoes are apparently made for short people.  I'm 5 ft 8.  I really don't want to wear a three inch heel.  That would make me as tall as the groom and an inch taller than my sister who will be wearing slippers to prevent herself from being as tall as her husband. 

Anyway...I did find a pair that will do the job, but I'm going to keep looking because they hurt my feet. I'm heading to DSW on Friday to see if they have something.  If DSW doesn't have the perfect shoe, then I figure the perfect shoe for my foot really does not exist.

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