19 December 2006


Tonight we had the privledge of having dinner with Eric's side of the family.  The only person missing was our nephew, Jochen, who was playing in pep band at a basketball game tonight.  We went out for dinner this evening, which was a nice treat.  We were the only ones in the restaurant for a while, but you'd never know it because the McEvoy family is LOUD.  

On the way home I was thinking about how different families can be.  The McEvoys rarely see each other even though we all live in the same city.  The only time we get together is for special occasions.  Eric and I always felt like we were missing out because we lived so far away, but the truth is that we live in the same city now and we still see very little of his siblings and their families. 

On the other hand, the Ford family, which is my side, is completely different.  First of all, we're not so loud.   We're very close and see each other as often as possible.  I talk to my mom on the phone nearly every day, talk to my sister a few times each week, and talk to my dad often as well.  We e-mail frequently and don't mind the 90 minute trip to see each other at least once a month, usually more often.

Are we a closer family?  I think so, but I don't know why that is.  Both families have an equal amount of disfunctional moments, so I wouldn't say that either family is better than the other.  We're just different, and I find that to be interesting.

Whatever makes us the way we are, I'm glad to be here enjoying time with all of them.  I had a great time sitting next to my sister-in-law this evening, and I'm sure we'll have a great time when we get together again the weekend after Christmas.  And I'll have a great time with the Ford side of the family this weekend too.  I guess that's all that matters, don't you think?

I hope that each of you enjoys time with your family making special Christmas memories.

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