20 December 2006


I was just thinking about how busy most people are right now.  Everyone seems to be busy with last minute shopping, wrapping, baking, family and church celebrations, etc...  Eric's evening commute is taking him twice as long tonight because he has to drive past Meijer and Wal-mart just to get to the interstate. 

In contrast, I am feeling so very relaxed.  My shopping is done.  I have most of our gifts wrapped, and I love wrapping so I'm looking forward to wrapping the rest later tonight.  I have been baking and making fudge this week, and it has been tons of fun.  We're doing some more baking tomorrow, and I'll probably finish up on Saturday with a couple recipes that I still need ingredients for.  Then, I'll package them all up and give most of them away.  We surely don't need it all.

Anyway, back to the relaxed thing.  Last week was a crazy-busy week for us, but this week is so much better.  It's a good thing too because the kids both have pretty hefty colds.  Please pray that they are both feeling better by Christmas!  I have celebrated Christmas while sick before, and I don't want either of them to have to do that!

I am now editing this blog entry.  I originally posted this a few hours ago and included exactly where we'll be and when for our Christmas celebrations.  Then I realized how much info I already put on this blog and how easy it would be for someone to read my blog, find my house while I'm gone, enter my house, etc...  So, I deleted that paragraph and I'm sticking this one in here instead.  Be careful fellow bloggers!  You never know who is reading these.  It's sad but true!

I think I'm just babbling tonight.  I really don't have much to tell about, but I felt like writing.  I heard somewhere that every good writer makes sure that they write every day.  I must say that I try to get down here everyday to write, but it doesn't always happen.  Plus, when I'm writing on my blog, I'm not usually focusing on my writing technique, but at least I'm writing!

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow with something monumental to write about.  Probably not, but it's something to look forward to!

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