07 December 2006

Rubber Feet

The little rubber feet that are on the bottom of most washing machines have worked their way off my machine.  The feet are still there, but the rubber is gone.  Where is it?  I have no idea, but my guess is that they are somewhere in New York, PA, or OH helping to fill a landfill.

Why is this a problem and how do you even know if your little rubber grippers are missing?  Well, no matter how level my machine is, it walks across the floor during the spin cycle.  Eric has leveled the machine countless times in the past 7 months, and my machine still walks across the floor.  We had it rigged for a while, but it's not working anymore.

At this point, every time I wash a load of laundry, I have to devote 15 minutes of my time to laying my upper body across the machine during the spin cycles so that it won't vibrate all the parts inside my washing machine right out of the machine or slam into the furnace or water heater which are only a foot or two away as it is.  It's loud and scary for my kids, and for anyone who might be reading this, my guess is that it might be humorous to visualize this. 

What busy mom has 15 minutes to devote to securing a washing machine to the floor every time she washes a load of laundry?  None that I know of, and so we have a massive amount of laundry waiting to be washed.  The good news is that when I showed Eric what I was having to do (and made him do it once), the parts got ordered.  Hopefully, they'll be here tomorrow, and the McEvoys will have clean, fresh laundry to wear once again!

Earlier today, I sat Lukas on the machine for a minute so that I could walk away to do something else.  He thought it was hilarious, but he didn't weigh enough.  I had to go back and hold onto the sides of the machine anyway.  Maybe I'll put BOTH kids on the machine for the next load.  Highly unlikely, but humorous all at the same time.

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