21 December 2006

Sweet Treats

It has become a tradition in our household to bake cookies together as a family.  We usually do all of our cookie baking together all on the same day, but that didn't work out this year.  Instead, we've been making a batch here and there all week.  Tonight was the kids' favorite cookie baking project...sugar cookie cut-outs.  

It has also been a tradition that all of our Christmastime sweets are homemade, but in the case of the sugar cookies, we went with a different option.  We have a neighborhood girl who is maybe 9 or 10 who has been at our door probably every-other week this fall selling one thing or another for her dance lessons.  I usually just blow her off, but this cookie dough idea appealed to my desire to simplify my life, so I bought a batch.  We ended up with four little tubs of VERY brightly colored sugar cookie dough.  Not only are they super-bright, but they are super-delicious.  Eric was considerably concerned that the cookies wouldn't be as delicious as the recipe I have made for 8 Christmases prior to this one, so I was much relieved when I thought they tasted better.

Tomorrow we'll be making pecan bars (thanks to Angie Leverence for the recipe) and oatmeal scotchies.  The scotchies are a compromise for me.  I usually make oatmeal cinnamon chip bars, but I can't seem to find cinnamon chips anywhere this year.  Anyway...on Saturday we'll be making pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas Day dessert and cupcakes, as well as a fresh loaf of bread for Christmas Eve.

If you are local, we are hoping to share these treats with you!  We'll be packaging them up on Saturday to share with friends and family.  I hope they are much enjoyed by all who eat them.
I made you all a new smilebox to enjoy!  You'll find pics of our cookie baking as well as a couple of other fun photos from the past couple of weeks.  Just click HERE to see the smilebox.

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