12 January 2007

Family Hair Cut Day

I have been at my parents' house for the past couple of days.  It was a visit just for the sake of visiting.  We didn't have anything planned while we were there until today, and it was so great to just relax and visit with Mom and Dad for a couple of days.  The kids enjoyed it as well.  We had a great time, but we missed Eric.  We're glad to be home, and I think Mom and Dad were probably ready for a little peace and quiet.

While I was in Coshocton, I went to see my old hair stylist.  Praise God for Laurie Collins!  I used to plan cuts on my trips home from college because she did a great job, and even after we moved to NY I tried to hang on to her, but it was just too far.  In NY, my friend Mindy cut my hair and always did a great job, and I think that's the last time I've had a really good cut that I liked.

So today, Lori did my hair.  I went in not knowing what I was getting.  My hair was super-long, longer than it has been since we got married I believe.  Anyway, my hair is super-fine but I have a lot of hair, and I thought she was going to have to chop it all off to give it some volume on top, but she didn't.  She shortened it quite a bit and worked with the curl.  It is soooo curly!  Seriously.  Not too many of you have seen me in curls like this.  I'm not sure if I like the curly look yet, but I'm going to give it a try for a while.  It's natural curl, so I might as well go with it! 
In further hair cut news, Lori told me that if I cut Ava's hair, it would probably start to grow.  Many of you know that I have really, really, really wanted Ava's hair to grow, so tonight, I cut it.  That's right, I took scissors to my sweet daughter's head.  I barely took anything off, but she was thrilled that she was getting a cut.  All afternoon and evening she kept looking at everyone saying, "See, my hair is REALLY long, so I gettin it cut!."  Honestly, it looks exactly the same, but I'm hoping it grows now!
After Ava's cut, we decided to make it family hair cut day.  I cut Lukas' hair (also the first time I used scissors on him.  I usually just use clippers), and then I cut Eric's hair.  You'll find pics of everyone except Eric (I can't cut and take photos at the same time) in this SMILEBOX.  I love how proud Ava looks of her new cut!  Plus, you can check out my curls.  I hope I don't look like a poodle.

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