09 January 2007

Another Day

I don't have much to say tonight.  I've had kind of a bad day, but I'm trudging through.  Lukas had a tough school day today, which I kind of expected to happen this week.  It took him almost 45 minutes to finish his handwriting, which is normally a 10-15 minute task.  It was all down-hill from there, but he managed to get everything done and still had time to play when it was all over.  And...he also told Eric what he learned today, so in spite of the lack of focus, learning did take place.  On most days, he's an eager student, so I can't really complain about the occasional tough day.

I haven't heard anything about Grandpa today.  Last night Dad said they wanted him to be able to hold down solid food for 24 hours before releasing him.  If that's all they are waiting for, I think he should be home soon.  When I find out, I'll write another post.  Until then, good-bye!

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