21 January 2007

My Baby Turned 3

My baby is three years old today.  I can't believe how quickly time flies when you have children.  I guess it moved just as quickly before they were born, but watching them grow and change so quickly on a daily basis makes you realize how fast things are going and how easy it is to miss what is important.

Three years ago I was in the hospital nursing my sweet, innocent baby girl.  Her birth was easy because it was by c-section.  She was perfect.  We had only known that she was a girl for a few weeks, and we couldn't have been happier.  A boy and a girl!  How blessed were we!

I remember holding her and staring into her little face and thinking about how much God loved me.  Why would he give me such a gift if he didn't love me?  I thought the same thing when Lukas was born.  Children are one of our greatest gifts from God.  Everything we have is a gift from our loving Father.  I hope that I am truly grateful for each and everything He offers me.
I always thought that we would have a household of children, but now I'm not sure that's going to happen.  I know that it is up to God if we're going to be blessed in this way again, and I must admit that is extremely hard for me.  I am a control freak.  It is well-known by family and friends, so my blog readers might as well know too.  I like to control my life, and letting God handle the reigns has never been easy for me.  Yes, I know that attempting to handle them myself just makes life that much harder, but I keep trying anyway.  What is it they say about insanity...doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Yep, that's me! 
At any rate, I am so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children.  They are loving, kind, and caring.  Lukas knows Jesus, and he is already trying to be like Him.  Ava knows about Jesus and I think she will eventually grow to accept and love Him.  They are smart, energetic, and creative, just as all children are and should be.  Indeed, I have been blessed by God in a great and wonderful way.

When I am sad, my children cheer me up.  When I am angry, they make me smile.  When I am frustrated, they remind me of what really matters.  When I am hurt, they encourage me.  They don't necessarily try to do all of these things.  They just do it by being themselves.  They say the silliest things at the perfect moment or smile and hug me when I least expect it.  I love that about them.

So...back to Ava.  She had a great turn out for her birthday party yesterday.  It was a Dora the Explorer themed party.  The kids got to play a super fun game called Cranium Hulabaloo.  Lukas got it for Christmas, and my kids love it.  All the kids at the party loved it as well.  (Advertisement:  If you have preschool or early elementary aged kids, it is such a fun game...especially for rainy days when they are itching to be active.)

Ava got lots of great gifts, and I was so proud of her for saying thank you to each person.  She usually gets shy when it is time to say thank you.  We bought her My Little Ponies.  I love them!  Why?  Because I had them when I was a little girl.  I remember saving my money until I had enough to buy a new My Little Pony.  I love introducing stuff like that to my kids.  It is just too fun!

Anyway, it is getting late, and I am exhausted.  I was up on Friday until 3 decorating the cake(so I guess I was up until Saturday), and last night I was up until 1.  So, since it it midnight now, I should head off to bed where I can dream about my little baby girl and how big she has grown overnight.  I'll try to post a smilebox tomorrow for you all to see.  If not tomorrow, then it will be soon!

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