13 February 2007


We are finally getting a decent amount of snow.  The city is pretty much shutting down due to the snow and ice.  Eric ended up coming home half-way through his workday because they were anticipating nearly an inch of ice on the roads this afternoon.  He tried to stop to bring lunch home, and the restaurants were closing.  That was at 1:00!  Anyway, it's the midwest, definitely not the northeast!
The kids got to play for a little while in the snow, which was tons of fun.  When I say a little while, I mean 10 minutes.  I was trying to get them bundled and out the door in time to play in the snow before the freezing rain hit.  They ended up with 10 minutes.  They weren't thrilled about coming in that quickly, but what can a mommy do?
I promised a smilebox about my grandfather's party, and I also made one of the kids in the snow today.   The photos from Grandpa's party were taken with a phone, so they aren't the best.  A lot of them turned out blurry, so I didn't post most of the blurry ones.  Better to have a few not so great pics than none at all!  Enjoy!   Click on the links below to see them:
Grandpa's Birthday Party

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