21 March 2007

I'm Back in Action

Blogging has taken a back-burner lately due to a very busy schedule.  I've been wanting to take some time to blog, but time simply has not allowed for it.  I think I'll do some catching up this morning!
1.  American Idol...Please, those of you able to vote (that's all of you reading this), don't let Sanjaya ruin another song for America.  "Steppin' Out With My Baby" will never sound the same to me again, and last night's performance was, in my opinion, horrible.  Yes, he "performed" like never before, but, as Simon says, "This is a singing competition", and there was very little singing coming out of his mouth last night.  Do I think the guy is talented?  Of course I do, but not record industry talented.  This is what I don't get about American Idol.  Why keep someone like Sanjaya on the show?  He knows he doesn't belong there anymore.  Even he said that he knows he's not the most talented singer on the show.  If you are a watcher, but not a voter, make a sacrifice for all of us and VOTE!  In addition, I have been saying for weeks that Jordin Sparks was being overlooked.  I think she is prooving that she will not be overlooked any longer.  I can't wait to hear her sing next week!  I was predicting Melinda and Lakisha in the finale, but now I'm thinking it could be Melinda and Jordin.  Melinda rocks!  I say everyone but these three women might as well just go home now!
2.  Credit Cards...I am not a fan of the almighty credit card or America's desire to charge their future away.  BUT...I do have a debit card and a couple of small cards that we pay off as soon as we use them.   It's a convenience thing only for people with enough discipline to actually pay them off, but I digress.  That's not what this post is about.  I have a HUGE pet-peeve with store clerks who do not ask for my I.D.  The back of my cards say "Check ID."  If you work anywhere that accepts credit cards and you don't even look at the back of my card, I am going to chastise you about it.  Last week, I asked the clerk at Kroger if she was supposed to ask me for my idea.  She looked at another employee wide-eyed, shrugged her shoulders and said no.  Seriously?  They aren't even training young employees to check for I.D.  If you are a person like I am and work to protect your credit, I challenge you to thank each and every person who asks for your I.D. and to tell each and every person who doesn't that they should.  And as far as Kroger goes, if someone walks in with my card and uses it without my permission, I get my money back.  I'm not so sure they'll get their money in such a situation.  Not a big deal for a corporation of their size, but definitely an issue for smaller businesses to think about.
3.  Growing Up...My 5 year old uses words like "apparently."  How do they grow up so quickly?  And, last night we drove by Tim Horton's where he saw a sign that said "Open 24 Hours."  Lukas told us that meant they were open all night long.  "How do you know that?"  I asked in the way that all of us not-so-smart parents often do.  "YOU SEEEEEE, I reMEMber from a looooong time ago when we were at Wal-mart and Dad TOLD me that it meant Wal-mart was open all night.  So, Moooom, that sign means that Tim Horton's is ALSO open all night long."  So sorry I asked.
4.  Plumbing...Our landlord finally gets that the property management company they hired is not doing their job.  Our plumbing was fixed last week by someone they hired themselves, and now the tile in the bathroom is being repaired as I type.  No more puddles in the laundry room!  Yay!
5.  Cherry Valley Lodge....Eric and I went on a marriage retreat this past weekend.  The speakers, Bill and Pam Farrel,  were excellent communicators, and I was amazed just watching them interact with each other.  The Lodge was beautiful!  If you are ever in this part of Ohio, check out Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, OH.   They also have an indoor water park attached, which we decided wasn't worth it for us on this trip but looks fun for a future adventure!
That's it for right now!  I'll try to return to my more frequent blogging habits soon!

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