01 March 2007

Soccer Mom

It's official.  I am a soccer mom.  Is that two words or has it morphed into just one bigger word these days, "soccermom."  Who knows?  Anyway, we signed Lukas up to play soccer today.  He'll start practicing in a few weeks with a team and wear cute little soccer uniforms, cleats, shin guards, the whole nine yards.  I can't wait to see him running around on the field.  He has been begging to be on a soccer team for over a year, but the move last spring left us no option for last year.  This year, he is totally psyched to get to play soccer, and so, I am officially a soccer mom.  I know, the cute uniform thing really doesn't matter, but it's fun for me.  I'm certain you'll be seeing smileboxes of my little guy in his soccer uniform in the future!
On a completely different subject....During Lukas' reading lesson today, I asked him to define the word "switch" because I want to make sure he comprehends what he is reading.  We do this often.  Anyway, he said "it's like a lightswitch, Mom, or like the buttons on a robot."  The buttons on a robot?  Hmmm...never would have thought of that definition.
And for subject number three...I take my kids everywhere except for church and our co-op in costumes.  Today, Lukas was a purple dragon and Ava was Cinderella.  Yesterday, Lukas was Mr. Incredible and Ava was a ladybug.  Is this weird?  Tell me honestly if it is, but know that I really don't care.  Ha!  It's too fun to see them having a blast dressed as whoever they feel like being that day!  Plus, they love the attention they get.  Some day they'll think it's embarrasing to do this, so I'm just going to relish the days like today when they think it is the coolest thing in the world to go to Pizza Hut dressed like a purple dragon and Cinderella.  Besides, I'm a soccer mom, so I'm supposed to be living for my kids, right?  Well maybe not exactly, but I think I'll stick with what makes our days fun and exciting.  Today, it's costumes, tomorrow, who knows?  I think I'm going to like being a soccer mom.

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