05 April 2007

Idol Rantings

It seems like everyone in the blogosphere is ranting and raving about American Idol, so I thought I would join them.  What I don't understand about the voters watching this show is this:  why do they prefer to throw someone off the show who actually has a decent amount of talent, cause that person undue emotional turmoil, and continually, week after week, vote for a singer who belongs in a high school show choir far, far away from the American Idol stage?  We all know that a certain idol contestant will not sell enough albums to even justify the amount of time my ears have been forced to listen to his inferior vocal meanderings.  Why keep him on the show? 
What I gather from this show is that the majority of voters really don't care who wins.  If an inferior contestant is kept on the show for too long, it takes away the credibility of the show.  If he were to win, then I believe there would be countless people choosing not to watch the show next season.  Why watch something that is becoming a farce to all of America?
American Idol has produced superstars.  I don' t think that anyone, even Idol naysayers, could argue against that.  I personally own at least 3 CDs by former Idol contestants.  The show is fun and entertaining.  I hope that it stays that way.
On another note, I truly wish that Idol required their contestants to dress modestly.  Children are watching this show (not mine, but many, many others).  Do we really need to see everything that Haley has?  I don't think we do.  What I do think is that she is using her own body as strategy to keep her on the show.  It's a ridiculous, sad ploy, but it seems to be working.  It says more about her character, confidence level, and self-esteem more than anything else, and I'm certain that I wouldn't want my tween or teen voting for someone with such an obvious lack of modesty.  I'm not saying that she's not talented, but she's not nearly as talented as some of the other contestants, in my opinion at least.  She obviously agrees or she would put some more clothing on and prove that her body isn't the reason she's sticking around.
So, let me finish by saying good-bye to Gina.  I knew that she probably wouldn't win, but I honestly thought that Tuesday's performance was one of her best.  It showed that she isn't just a rocker chick who shouts unintelligible words to a melody, but a talented young woman who can sing her heart out when she wants to.  I'm sorry to see her go, but then I'll be sorry to see a couple of others go before the finale as well.
My hope is to see Melinda and Jordin in the finale, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Blake or Lakisha there as well.   At this point, my prediction is that it will be Melinda and one of these other three, but it is becoming more and more unpredictable each season.  Anyone want to share your opinion and offer your prediction for the finale?  I'd love to hear it!

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