20 May 2007


It has been almost 9 months since I joined the blogosphere.  I figure that, at this point, most of my readers know that I am sappy, and those readers who don't care for my sentimental meanderings have wandered away to one or more of the many less emotional, probably more creative, blogs that are in endless supply on the net.  I am not hurt by any loss of readers since I mostly write this blog for myself and my family and to keep in touch with my friends and loved ones near and far.  It serves primarily as a place to store and share memories, which are very important to this melancholy girl, and I try to put down an intelligent thought or two from time to time.  So why should I not share with you the milestones my precious little ones have crossed today?
Ava rode her bicycle this evening.  She actually won a beautiful, purple bike with sparkly streamers and a cute little white basket on the front at our church carnival last July.  It was taller than she was at the time.  The purchaser was very kind and offered us the receipt for the bike when they saw how tiny Ava was (she was only 2).  We went to Wal-mart and exchanged it for a smaller, more appropriate bicycle for her tiny legs, but she still couldn't ride it last year.  The motor skills just weren't there.  Today, she definitely used those always improving motor skills.  She hasn't perfected it yet, but she'll be cruising with Dora (it is a Dora the Explorer bicycle) in not time flat(maybe I shouldn't use the word flat since we're talking about bicycles)!
Lukas took a shower this evening by himself, well almost by himself.  He had a little help from Daddy who made sure he didn't use too much shampoo.  I must admit that when he asked if he could shower instead of taking a bath, I immediately said yes and tears formed in my eyes.  Is that not ridiculous?  My 5 year old was sitting across from me while we were picnicking on the back patio repeatedly asking my why I was crying and what was wrong.  He has a knack for empathy, which is a trait that I will always treasure in him.  Eric blessed me by telling Lukas that I was okay and that he hadn't done or said anything wrong.  Goodness.  What a sappy mama!  He did tell me later that he thinks he'll still want to take a bath sometimes since he still likes to play in the tub, but he's mostly planning to shower from now on.  Do 5 year olds usually shower?  This was not in my plan for a few more years!
I try to prepare myself for these growing up moments.  I'm always as proud as a peacock when they learn something new or show signs of maturity or good character traits.  BUT...I still can't help but dwell on the "lasts" in their lives.  Firsts are almost always accompanied by lasts when it comes to growing up.  Who knows what we'll be moving onto tomorrow?

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