19 May 2007

Soccer Awards

Lukas had his last soccer game of the season today.  I have loved watching his team improve throughout the season and start to understand more aspects of the game.  Today was the first time that Lukas really got in there and tried to move the ball down the field.  We are really proud of him for trying so hard.  Yes, his coach sometimes had to remind him to stay focused, but hey, he's only 5, and this was his first soccer season.  We're definitely proud of him.
I wasn't able to take photos of the last game.  My camera battery was dead (which was totally my own fault for not remembering to charge it), and I haven't sprung for the $50 spare battery at this point.  I just can't seem to convince myself to spend that amount of money when I really just need to remember to charge the battery.  Right?  We'll see how many times I am left with a dead battery on a soccer field before the final decision is made on that one.
The good news is that I was able to stop by the house to pick up my old camera before heading to the awards and pizza party which were held at our local park facility.  Lukas waited patiently for quite a while until the pizza was served, which made me proud of him again.  He accepted his trophy and posed for pictures, so I of course have a smilebox to share with you all.
You'll find mostly photos of Lukas, but you'll also see a photo of Ava after eating a cupcake that had been decorated with black frosting (the cupcakes were black and white and made to look like a soccer ball).  I cannot tell you how disgusting it looks to see her mouth after eating it!  There's a picture of Ava's little sidelines buddy too.  They sat and watched each game and cheered on their big brothers together each week.  I hope you enjoy the pics!

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