04 May 2007

Too Fast for This Aunt and Mama

Yesterday, my sister e-mailed me photos of my 7 year old nephew.  One was taken last spring, and the other was taken last month.  They are his spring pictures that are taken at his school each year.  I was struck by the remarkable difference in my sister's little boy, who I remember holding in the hospital not so long ago.  In his kindergarten picture, he looked like a little boy.  His hair was cut short, and his facial expression tentative.
This year, that is not the case.  If it weren't for the two missing teeth right in the front, you would think you were looking at a 13 year old boy.  He is growing his hair out (a la Zach and Cody of The Suite Life), for which his hair is perfect.  It is completely adorable, especially with his sandy blonde hair and cute little nose freckles, but, at the same time, unsettling to think about how quickly they change and grow up.
I'm wondering how long it will be before my own little boy looks that mature.  You know how changes are usually so gradual that you barely notice them until you look back at an old photo?  Lately, I've been looking at him and noticing the changes without looking back.  Lukas is changing and growing up too fast for me.  Sometimes I wish we could put them in a little box and keep them small forever, but then, what would be the point in having them?

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