22 July 2007

Spontaneous Adventures

We have had a busy, crazy, spontaneous, fulfilling, fun, refreshing, and exciting weekend.  Most of the weekend was completely unplanned, which, I confess to you is normally very out of character for this chick who is accustomed to checking my calendar for everything.  Generally organization and planning are a part of everything I do.  I even have an excel spreadsheet for my grocery list.  You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.  It goes to the grocery store with me every time I shop. 
I am digressing from my topic, which is our weekend.  On Friday evening, my dad called to ask if we could head to Coshocton in the morning on Saturday instead of mid-afternoon, which was our original plan.  He wanted to take Lukas and our nephew, Zackery, to a steam engine show.  We headed out of here at 8:30 yesterday so that Lukas could spend the day with his Papa, and we hung out with my mom for a few hours. 
A little before 2:00, we all headed to my sister's for my niece's first birthday party.   It was fun to watch her get into the chocolate cake.  She wasn't very mess about it.  Both of my kids ended up in the tub after they ate cake on their first birthdays, but that was not the case with Maia.  She opened her gifts afterward.  We bought her the cutest little khaki pea-coat.  Ava has a matching one in pink.  My sister is anti-pink, so we went with the khaki for Maia.  It really didn't matter to me because I love shopping for babies!
Some time in the late afternoon, Zack started asking if my dad would take him to the monster truck show at the local fairgrounds.  Dad finally agreed to take him and then asked us if Lukas could go.  We had planned on leaving right after the cook-out Cassie was having for the family, but, since this is all so rare, we decided to let him go.  After dinner, we headed to my mom's again while Dad headed to the fairgrounds with the boys.
They got back around 9:30 last night, and we were tired and facing a long drive home.  We ended up spending the night.  As soon as this was decided, Zack and Lukas started talking about how "totally cool" it would be if they could camp-out.  My dad, who makes up for my lack of spontaneity ten-fold, and Eric headed to Dad's shed, found two tarps, and then went to work creating a tent.  One tarp went on the ground.  The other was nailed to the roofline of the shed at one end and staked to the ground with tent stakes at the other end.  Voila!  Perfect outdoor sleeping quarters were created.
The weather could not have been more perfect for sleeping under the stars.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the night was cool for July.  Dad, Eric, and both boys slept outdoors.  Mom, Ava, and I took the king size bed in the house.  Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to camp, but last night was clearly all about testosterone.
Continuing with our spontaneous theme, we went to lunch with my parents at the Chalet in the Valley in Charm, OH, today, which took us even further from our home.  I haven't been there in a decade, and I'm not exaggerating.    Afterwards, we headed towards home and stopped in Loudonville, OH  at Mohican Adventures for a round of mini-golf.  We didn't get home until about 9:30 tonight, and yes, we're still wearing the same clothes we were wearing at 8:30 yesterday morning.  Fortunately, I washed them overnight at my mom's, so I don't think we smell, but there are no guarantees on that one!
I will try to post some pics some time soon.  It's much too late tonight, and it takes forever for me to upload from my new camera.  All those megapixels slow things down significantly.  I hope that everyone else had a great weekend as well!

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