26 August 2007

Reading Time

"Port Columbus International Airport."  That's what I heard in the back seat on our way home from church.  Lukas was looking at a map of Easton, the shopping area I have mentioned in a previous post, and there was evidently an arrow pointing towards the airport on the map.  Lukas loves maps.  He is very interested in learning about them, which we will be doing a lot more of during this school year.  What really astounded me about this exchange was not, however, his interest in maps.  It was the fact that he read, without pausing to sound out each syllable, the word "International."  How do they learn so quickly?  At this time last year, we were starting the first week of kindergarten, during which he learned how to blend two sounds together to make a new sound and began reading short words.  He's come a long way since then. 
Lukas reads every day without prompting.  He still likes for us to read to him, but he also reads by himself.  I still insist that my kids have a rest time each afternoon, and neither child likes this idea.  I firmly believe that it is good for the three of us to have an hour to ourselves each day whether or not they sleep.  Each child is allowed to choose three books to take to bed with them each afternoon.  Lukas reads them all the way through.  Depending on the books, it takes him 20-40 minutes, and then he starts asking to get up, or he'll actually go to sleep if he is feeling tired.  He still naps about two days a week, and I love it! 
Ava is becoming an avid "reader" as well.  She looks at the pictures in the books and creates stories to go along with them.  It is very fun to stand outside her door and listen to her creativity at work.  Sometimes, if it is a book that she is familiar with, her story sticks pretty close to the original, and sometimes, it is completely original.  That is when it is the most fun.
I have also done a lot of reading this summer.  Well, I'll say I've done a lot of reading when you consider that I am a mom and wife and don't have a lot of free time.  I've read Michael Philips' book, Dream of Life, which is the second book in his American Dreams series.  It is phenomenal, especially if you are a Civil War buff or enjoy historical fiction.  I can't wait for the third book to be published.  I just finished a Karen Kingsbury book last week called Sunrise.  It is the first  in a new series, but it really is the third series that is part of the Redemption series.  Her books are easier reads than Philips books, and that is what I needed right now. 
I have also read a couple of non-fiction books this summer including The Maker's Diet, which is full of a wealth of info.  I highly recommend it.  I'm getting ready to read Child Training Tips, which is something we really need around here.  How about you?  Are you reading anything you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear about it, and then maybe I'll read it too!

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