26 August 2007

2007-2008 Curriculum

Two posts in one day...it must be a miracle. 
I've had a couple of questions about what curriculum we're using.  I was hoping to use a pre-packaged curriculum, but that just did not work for us for this year.  Lukas is not doing work from just one grade level, like most typical homeschoolers, and I couldn't find an affordable pre-packaged curriculum that fit all of his needs.   I ended up finding some great things that I think we're going to love!  So, here is what we're starting the year with on September 4th:
Explode the Code 2 (Spelling and Phonics)
A Reason for Handwriting A:  Manuscript
Growing Reader Phonics Bible
The Beginner’s Bible
Sonlight Readers and Read-Alouds
The New International Bible
History Stories for Children
History for Little Pilgrims
Singapore Mathematics Texts and Workbooks 1A and 1B
The ABCs of Handling Money God’s Way
The Usborne Book of Science Activities
Zoo Guide- A Bible Based Handbook at the Zoo
Zoobooks Magazine
Artistic Pursuits:  An Introduction to the Visual Arts
This is not an all-inclusive list.  We're using a few other resources including lots of trips to the library and many internet sites.  These are just the main resources we'll be using.  I'm also planning to create our own Bible curriculum this year.  We'll be studying the Fruits of the Spirit and the 10 Commandments.  That should keep us busy for a while.  What will my other homeschooling friends be using with your kiddos?

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