30 August 2007

Yes or No

We have a bedtime routine that our kids have come to trust will take place each and every night.  We've been doing this since Lukas was 9 months old.  PJs, family devotions (which, at 9 months consisted of us singing to him), teeth, potty, and bed.  We do the first two things all together, and then Eric brushes their teeth and tucks them in.  They love having Daddy tuck them in, especially since he does snug as a bug sooooo much better than me (so I'm told), and it gives me a chance to be alone for a little while each evening.  That part of the routine has been lax lately, but with school starting on Tuesday, we're getting back into a stricter routine.
Last night, in the midst of our bedtime routine, Ava was on the potty and this was the conversation that took place:
Ava:  "If you spin your head around, it means yes.  Yes means no and no means yes.  Daddy, what does no mean?"
Eric"  "It means you can't do whatever you're asking about."
Lukas:  "Yeah, but if you say 'Do you mind?' then no means yes."
Maybe you had to be there for this one, but Eric and I cracked up when Lukas said this.  He didn't even pause to think it through, he just blurted it out as if his crafty little mind had been dreaming of a way to get around this yes and no issue.  And you know, they only get smarter as they grow!

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