28 August 2007


Throughout the past week, I've been prepping both children for the start of school, which, in our house, starts on September 4th.  I'm not one to really push my kids during the preschool years, but because Ava can sometimes (okay, often) be a distraction during the schooling hours of our day, I decided to play it up for her to get her excited about it.  I bought her an ABC journal ($3 at United Art and Ed) that she will get to draw pictures in and work through.  We'll probably learn a letter each week for now since she is only 3.  She always does art projects and spends time coloring or painting nearly every day, so she'll be occupied and engaged during our school day.
Getting Ava excited about school has definitely worked.  She is looking forward to having school time just like Lukas.  BUT...the first time I talked to her about it last week, she told me that she wanted to go to a "real school and have a real teacher."  As if I am a fake teacher or something.  It was kind of funny.  The truth is, even if we were going to put our kids into a traditional school setting, we wouldn't have sent them to a preschool, so she is totally out of luck on this issue.
Last night, we figured out where this was coming from.  Eric was talking to her as he tucked her into bed when this subject came up again.  She told him that she was going to go to preschool, and Eric said, "Well, yes, Mommy will be your teacher and you'll have school just like Lukas."  She was very concerned and told him that she was going to a different school.  Eric again told her that I would be her teacher and that she would be homeschooled.  Ava replied, "Oh, so Lukas will go to a different school."  Ummm...not exactly, but we'll figure this one out, probably somewhere around September 4th.

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