06 September 2007

6 Years Old

Today is Lukas' 6th birthday.  He was born on a Thursday night much like tonight, although I don't remember it being this hot.  That day six years ago was a blessed day.  I remember every detail as if it were yesterday.  I know, most moms do remember all those details.  The pain and then joy all swaddled up in a buttery-soft little receiving blanket.  I have to be sappy and sentimental sometimes!  Just looking at him and seeing how big he has grown causes me to reflect on how little he once was.  Realizing how capable he is causes me to remember how helpless he once was.  Hearing him read or watching him complete his math is an added bonus to each day.  I am so glad to have my little boy.  I thank God for this most special gift each and every day.
We celebrated tonight by giving him his gift from us(a much longed for Webkinz Dalmatian and Zoobooks subscription), and he'll have a birthday party on another day.  We also took the kids to Magic Mountain since they had free certificates from the summer reading program at the local library.  After visiting Magic Mountain, I understand a little more why they gave away free coupons.  The kid gym was huge, five stories high, smelled like mildew and there were layers and layers of dust on everything. Yuck.  Lukas rode the bumper boats and loved it, and the kids didn't mind the dust or musty odor.  They had fun, which is all that matters, but I think we'll go somewhere cleaner next time.
I wrote the other day about our first day of school, but I didn't get a chance to post photos until now.  There are only a few.  Make sure you roll over the apple and the ABC book, and watch for the bumble bee!

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