19 September 2007

I am a Pet Owner

That's right.  I own a pet.  She is soft, cuddly and gray.  I have named her Sousa, after the great "March King."  All of my pets have had musical names.  There was Chopin, our cute little Shih tzu who did not care for Lukas and went to live with another family.  There is Harmony, my cat who lives with my parents.  This one is a bad memory, but we once had a rabbit named Arietta, which means small aria, who growled at us.  We didn't keep her for long.  Bob, named after Bob Hope(okay, so he was a great entertainer more than a musician, but he DID sing too), the dog travelled with me in college.  Frank, as in Old Blue Eyes,  also travelled with me in college, but he belonged to my roommate.  Then there was Bing, the tiny bear that Eric bought me for Christmas when we were dating.  Bing Crosby, now there's a great crooner(I think I'm starting to swoon).  Gershwin, the huge bear that I cuddled with the year prior to marrying Eric, is named after one of my favorite composers of the 20th century.
So, I am guessing that you can see that in the above paragraph we went from reality to imaginary.  I have never owned a real bear, obviously, so let me now confess that Sousa, is an elephant.  A Webkinz elephant.  I know what you're thinking.  I'm an adult, a grown woman, a mature, wise (HA!), homeschool parent.  What do I need  a Webkinz for?  And what will I do with it since I have so, so much free time on my hands?  Hey, a girl's gotta have some fun sometimes, and so, Eric bought me Sousa as a surprise yesterday since I've been feeling kind of yuck with a cold.  The truth is that I've been playing with Lukas' Dalmation, which is fun, but it doesn't really teach him much when he spends all his money and returns to find hundreds of dollars that he didn't earn in his account.  So, you see, Sousa is playing a role in the education of Lukas.  Because of Sousa, Lukas will have to earn his own kinzcash, and that will be so much better for him.  Right?
Alright, so it's all pretty far-fetched, but Sousa is tons of fun.  I look forward to playing games with her(Sousa may sound like a boy name, but she had to be a girl so that I could fill her room with fun, girly stuff), earning kinzcash, and buying fun stuff.  Hey, I can buy her way cooler stuff than I can buy in reality, so why not have a little fun in cyberspace?  I know that some of you have them too.  It's time to come forward.  Admit it...you love Webkinz too!

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