27 December 2007

A Second Christmas

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Eric's side of the family.  Unfortunately, Eric was very sick yesterday and stayed home last night.  The kids and I went and had a great time.  Our kids are by far the youngest cousins, and they love spending time with their bigger cousins.  They spent most of the time in the basement hanging out and playing Dance, Dance Revolution.  Lukas loved it and barely stopped talking about it long enough for me to tell him that my sister bought that very game for Eric and I for Christmas.  We're going to pull it out and play later today.  I'm not the most coordinated person, but I think it'll be a fun way to exercise.
I had a nice time visiting with everyone last night.  I missed having Eric with me, and so did everyone else, but we all had a nice time anyway.  We came home with more presents, of course.  Lukas finally got March of the Penguins on DVD, and he has already watched it.  He also got a matchbox car playset, which is always a hit with him.  Ava came home with a beautiful doll and some clothes for her Webkinz.  She has been very kind and allowed her big brother's Webkinz to wear some of the outfits too.  That is a Christmas present to me.  Any time my children exhibit positive, Biblical character traits, I am more thrilled than I could ever be with a material gift.
If you would like to see the photos I was able to take last night, click on this spot and check them out.  I think I managed to get everyone except for myself for a change!  My favorite shot is the one of Ava when she opened the doll.  The look on her face is priceless.  Check it out!

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