27 December 2007

Our Christmas

Christmas was amazing for us this year.  It was an extremely peaceful time, which was such a blessing.  We went to church on Christmas Eve where we celebrated with communion, candlelight, and music.  This was the first time that Lukas took communion.  We decided that he was probably old enough, so Eric talked to him about it beforehand.  Since he understood what it was, he was able to participate.  It was a very special time for us to be able to celebrate in this way with Lukas for the first time.
Christmas morning came at 6:27 at our house.  Lukas woke us first followed by Ava, Papa, and then Nana.  Eric went downstairs and started our traditional Christmas morning CD, which is Alabama Christmas (go ahead and giggle Stacy), turned on all the Christmas lights, and got the video camera ready.  Somehow, I totally forgot to get my camera ready until after the stockings were opened, but oh well!  We also forgot to get the traditional tree shot with all the gifts under it.  Who forgets that?  Again, oh well!
The kids have never been as excited on Christmas morning as they were this year.  The excitement has been building all month for them, and they exploded on Christmas Day.  They barely had one gift opened before they were tearing into another, which was a little too quick for this mama.  We had to slow down a couple of times.  It was so much fun to see how into Christmas they were this year, both giving and receiving.  They have always loved it, of course, but it seemed like they really turned up the enthusiasm level.
What made our Christmas this year was that we stayed home the entire day.  I am so glad that we made the decision to do so.  My parents were able to come over on Christmas Eve and spent the day here on Christmas.  Eric's parents came over for a while in the morning, which was very nice.  We'll celebrate with Eric's brothers on Friday night, and we'll see my sister on New Year's Eve.  It was an amazing blessing to us to just allow our kids the time to play and enjoy their day.  They wore their new robes the entire day (other than when Ava was dressed as a doctor or vet in her new costume).  We all had a peaceful day.  I still had to cook, and I think we cleaned the living room half a dozen times each, but it was so special to be at home.  This was a decision that Eric made, and, wow, did he make his wife happy by doing so!
When I asked each of the kids what their favorite gifts were, they both said that their Webkinz were the best.  Lukas got a polar bear, who he named Icy.  Ava got her first Webkinz, which is a Koala named Apricot.  We have no idea how she came up with Apricot (or Sydney, Delilah, Maggie, or any of the other names of her animals and dolls).  Ava and I were on the computer adopting Apricot at 7:45 on Christmas morning.  She played for about half and hour, and then Lukas adopted Icy.  Not long after that, the website froze up.  I think Santa gave lots of Webkinz this year!
You can see other highlights from our day by clicking HERE to view photos.  Goodness...I almost forgot to mention that Santa left the first gift of Christmas on our tree!  If you've seen The Polar Express, you know what I'm talking about.  It is a sleighbell from Santa's sleigh.  The kids were very, very excited to find it hanging on our tree this year (thanks to Hallmark)!  I'm sure it will be cherished for many years to come.  You can see it in the photos as well.  I hope you each had a blessed and peaceful Christmas!

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