06 January 2008

Today's Top 10

1.  My house is still decorated for Christmas.  I planned to take the tree down yesterday, and then when that didn't happen, I planned to take it down today.  I also planned for Eric to clean out the family room (and unless you saw how much stuff was in there, you have no idea how big of a project that was/still is), and I planned for me to do laundry, plan for school, and on and on the list goes.  My intentions were great, and it could all have been done if we were uninterrupted and everything went perfectly.  And so, as it often goes, planning for school became much more important than un-decorating the house.  I need more time!
2.  I'm crazy-weird about certain things.  Do any of you know this about me?  For example, CDs and DVDs have to go into their cases with the title readable.  I keep my grocery list on an excel spreadsheet.  My flute is named Samantha, Sam for short.  The list goes on and on.  Now, I am cataloguing 202 accelerated readers that I purchased on e-bay in excel.  I'm recording title, author, reading level, and read-aloud level.  Otherwise, I'm afraid that by the time we need them, I'll completely forget that we own them.  I'm thinking about doing this for all of our books.  It is a huge, unnecessary project, but it will save me time, money, and effort in the future.
3.  We have had a blast over our break smothering our children with quality time and affection.  It has been wonderful, and it is directly reflected in their great behavior and attitudes.  I'm not a resolution maker, but I have decided to protect our time more, especially our evenings, so that we can make sure that we have plenty of family time at home.  I know that it is the best thing for our kids.
4.  Tomorrow is our first day back to school.  I am excited and energized and ready to get started again!  Lukas and Ava are also looking forward to it, which is great because it felt like I was pulling Lukas' teeth every school day in December.  We've got some fun activities and projects to do this week.  I can't wait!
5.  Like my new template?  It's all about where I'm at in life right now.  Crayons are a part of my life every single day, so why not enjoy them on my blog.  They're so bright and cheerful!
6.  My sister and brother-in-law bought us Dance, Dance Revolution for Christmas (at our request), and we love it.  Most of all, we love having fun while getting some exercise, and, even more than that, we love, love, love watching the kids play.  Lukas is actually better than us on some of the dances, and Ava just bounces around while staring at the screen with a very serious face.  She clearly has no idea what she is doing, but she also clearly believes that she does.  It's so cute.  We got it on video last week.  I know that those of you who are aware of my incredible lack of coordination are dying to see me play this game.  I'm sorry, but most of you will probably never have that pleasure. 
7.  I love LeapPads.  Lukas got The Incredibles 2nd Grade LeapPad book for Christmas, and he has been playing with it nearly every day.  The same math that we were working on before break is included in the book, and he is doing great at it now while he seemed to be just barely getting it before.  We're going to review for the next few days, but I don't think we'll have any problem moving on!
8.  Ava will be starting some new things for pre-school this week.  I bought her a book at Wal-mart because she really wants to be doing what Lukas is doing, so I thought that if she had a workbook, she would feel like she was really "doing school".  Since she's turning 4 this month anyway, I figure she should do just fine with it.  She can't wait to get started!
9.  I had Ava's birthday party mostly planned in my head when my sweet, sweet sister said out loud, "Isn't she doing a My Little Pony party?  She seems to be all about My Little Ponies."  True enough, she is, but she had been planning a princess party since last winter.  Now we're having a Pony party, and, unlike her brother who just takes what he gets, she is being very specific about everything.  She is a detail girl, which she gets from me (see #2 above).  The good news is that we're only having a family party, which brings me to...
10.  Eric and I had 3 discussions about having only a family party for Ava this year before we finally agreed.  Lukas had a very, very small 4th birthday party, and his 5th birthday was just family as well.  I don't believe that a child needs to have a huge party every single year, but I love throwing them.  It isn't less work really since a family party requires a meticulously clean house while a big party requires that we simply go somewhere else to celebrate but I have to have goody bags and games and prizes.  At any rate, I still feel kind of guilty about this decision even though I know there is no reason to feel this way.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that on her actual birthday, she'll be getting her teeth cleaned.  Seriously.  That's just how it worked out, so she'll have shiny-clean teeth to enjoy her birthday treats!
Aren't you glad there's no #11?

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