04 May 2008

Soccer Goals

I almost forgot to blog about this, and I REALLY should not be blogging right now.  I still have a few things on my to-do list for the day, but I'm not too concerned.  That being said, this will not be my most eloquent blog. 

There is a little boy on Lukas' soccer team named Pablo.  He is an amazing, adorable, little 5 year old boy who moves around on the soccer field as if he was born to play.  Generally, all the other kids on the team kind of just follow Pablo around the field(we're talking 4-6 year olds here).  Lukas usually likes to play goalie, and the coach often lets him, but when he's not playing goalie, he usually follows Pablo too.  It is hard to explain to a 6 year old that he has to try to be kind and gentle...except when he's on the soccer field. 

Anyway, yesterday, Pablo didn't show up until the last quarter of the game, and some of the other kids, including Lukas really got to shine.  Please don't get me wrong here.  I am so NOT faulting Pablo.  He really is just so good at the game that he just goes to town on the field.  It was, however, great that the other kids kind of broke out of their shells a little yesterday.  Lukas scored his first goal during a game!  He was so stinking excited!!!  He also stopped a couple of goals while he was playing goalie, which, as I said, is his favorite position to play anyway.

It was definitely his best game ever.  I think the game has started to really click for him, and he's learning so much this season.  We were so proud of him yesterday.  He played hard all four quarters.  I think the biggest factor in this was that he had a bigger audience.  Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Cathy, Jochen, and Kyle were all there to cheer him on.  He was so, so excited that they were there!

It is so fun to watch your kids grow in this way.  He has learned so much about soccer since he first played last spring, and it is exciting to see the change in the way he plays.  I love going to his games and seeing how much all of the kids have improved since the beginning of the season.  They've learned so much!  We only have one game left on the 17th.  I'm looking forward to being there and cheering him on!

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