09 September 2008


1.  We had a small, family party for Lukas on Sunday afternoon.  He received a new bicycle from my parents that he is just big enough for, two more Webkinz from Jeff and Cathy and the boys(he was seriously thrilled with this), and skates from Eric's folks.  The skates were by far the most entertaining gift of the day.  His first attempt at skating was hilarious because he made it that way giggling and singing his way back and forth across the patio, falling on his bum several times and laughing harder, and finally learning to stand and move on his own.  We were proud of him for trying so hard and not giving up.  During the process, we took lots of pictures.  It'll make a terrific scrapbooking layout if I ever get past 2005.  You can see the pictures by clicking HERE.

2.  Ava went home with my parents on Sunday evening and stayed until today.  It was the first time she has stayed anywhere without Lukas.  She was beyond thrilled to go, and she had a blast while she was there.  We missed her, of course, and we were a little disappointed that she had little interest in talking to us over the phone.  However, we are proud of her for going by herself and having such a great time with Nana and Papa!

3.  Lukas started fall soccer season last night.  I think that we are going to love his coaches.  His coaches are a husband and wife team, and they are super organized.  They gave us the game schedule along with a snack schedule last night, and they were so informative!  We are excited for this season.  His first game is this Saturday (the rec center kind of got the ball rolling on soccer season a little late).  This is all very opposite of our spring season experience, so we are very happy with this turn of events!

4.  Ava started dance classes tonight.  She's taking tap and ballet again in back to back classes.  Last year, she took one combo class that was 30 minutes long.  This year, she is there for a full hour.  Unfortunately, ballet is the second half-hour, which I knew was going to make things a little more challenging for Ava.  She wants to take both classes, but she loves, loves, loves tapping.  She is a beautiful ballerina too, of course, but it doesn't keep her focused as well as getting to make noise with her feet.  Plus, her attention span isn't that long so late in the evening.  All this is to say that she got in trouble, but her dance teacher was very nice about it.  Ugh.  We're hoping for a better experience over the next few weeks.  We're still proud of her.  She remembered so much from last year, and she was so excited to get started!

5.  School is going so, so, SO well.  My Father's World starts the year slowly and works into doing all subjects, and I love that.  We are zooming ahead in math, but that is because we're using a new program and we chose to do that(Lukas is begging to do math first every single day.  Do a happy dance with me!!!).  Otherwise, it'll be another week or two before we have all subjects going, and this method is really working for Lukas.  It was kind of strange to have a couple of days of school without Ava here.  That has never happened before.  You're all thinking we probably got done quicker, but that is so NOT the case.  In fact, we didn't get done at all either day, but that had a little to do with errand running.  Another perk of MFW...Fridays are pretty laid-back, so if we don't get everything done, we can catch up on Friday.  Expect more great things about MFW in the future.  After two years of not being thrilled with our curriculum choices, I can't say enough good things about MFW.

6.  Lukas is now the proud owner of 13 stuffed Webkinz and 15 virtual Webkinz.  Can you say WOW?  The reason for the extra two on-line is that Jack had to be returned (remember the pink fur incident), and they replaced him with another Dalmatian complete with a new tag.  Then, for his birthday, he got a pack of trading cards that had a free virtual kangaroo, which he named after his cousin, Zack.  Our home is becoming over-run with Webkinz.  The craze is getting out of control.  Both kids love collecting these, and they really are perfect, afordable gifts for others to buy them.  Lukas even saved up and bought a Lil Kinz himself!  We're definitely proud of him for that!  It took him several months!

7.  Lukas lost his second front tooth on his birthday.  My friend Amy had told me that she had told her little girl that if you lose a tooth on your birthday or a holiday, the tooth fairy brings you extra money.  Lukas was pretty upset about the way he looked with his two front teeth missing (seriously adorable in my opinion), so I shared this info with him to cheer him up.  UNFORTUNATELY, he slept in the tent in the back yard that night, and the tooth fairy was unable to locate him.  Thanks to my friend Brooke for having a similar situation at her house last year, I was able to share that these things happen sometimes.  The tooth fairy had to break the bank for this tooth!

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