06 September 2008


I don't know how seven years can go by so quickly, but they definitely have!  I am the kind of mom that tries to appreciate every little moment, but it still seems like time flies by.  Lukas turned 7 today.  He is very excited to be 7.  I am excited for him too.  Of course I am.  I just miss 6, and 5, and 4...you know how it is.

I watched him last night playing with 8 other little boys ranging in age from 6 to 8.  He is such a typical little boy, and I love that about him.  They all had a blast last night running around inside and outside, playing tag, wrestling, searching for treasure, spinning the Wheel of Wow, watching a movie, and, of course, eating LOTS of sugar.  10 children full of sugar!  Yeah, it was pretty much a house of chaos around here.

It was so much fun to plan this party.  It is hard to believe that my little boy is old enough to host his first sleepover, but he is.  Amazing.  He wanted a Webkinz theme party, and he wanted to sleep in the tent in the backyard.  Unfortunately, yesterday ended up being rainy off and on, and right at the time when Eric was ready to take everyone's sleeping bags to the tent (as an aside here...only 4 boys spent the night), it started to pour.  Add that to the fact that one little guy wasn't so keen on the idea of sleeping outdoors, so we decided to put them all in the living room.  They watched a couple of short movies and started nodding off between 11:30 and 12.  Yep.  It was surely a late night in our house!

We started the day (which is Lukas' actual birthday) with chocolate chip pancakes, which thrilled the boys, and then the boys all got dressed and packed to go home.  Everyone was ready when their parents showed up around 10.  Everyone behaved well while they were here.  It was a ton of fun.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy to plan these things, but Lukas was so blessed by this party.  I'm definitely glad that we did it, especially with Eric looking for a job.  Who knows how long we'll be sharing life on a regular basis with this great group of friends that Lukas has from church, co-op, and our neighborhood.

Of course, I took pictures.  I decided that I understand why people sometimes hire photographers for these things as it was hard to be in charge of photos and everything else.  Maybe I could make some money on the side by doing that for others!  Check out the photos of my SEVEN year olds birthday party.  I'm off to get ready for a small family party tomorrow, and, after that, I should definitely be ready to crash!

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