20 October 2008

Busy Weekend

Family time is very important to us, and we had plenty of it over the weekend! We actually started our weekend with a date night for Eric and I on Friday. We went to see Fireproof and loved it! If you are married or engaged, go see it and take tissues! While the acting isn't anything Oscar worthy, it is a great film!

On Saturday, we took advantage of our zoo pass and headed to Boo at the Zoo. We headed to the zoo for this because Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Joker were there to do a show. Lukas is very into superheroes. He has costumes that allow him to become Batman, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Incredible, and, most recently, Spiderman on any given day. Ava now has a Supergirl costume so that she can join in the superhero extravaganza. Anyway, check out the picture link at the end of this post to see our day at the zoo.

I do have to mention a couple of highlights. Batman (in the Dark Knight costume) was riding around on the back of a golf cart in a little character parade (if you could call it that). When he saw Lukas dressed in his Spiderman costume, he looked right at him, pointed at him, and said, "Hey, Spiderman!" It made Lukas' day.  The other highlights for the kids were the Creature Show and the D.C. Comics show. It made it even better for them that we ran into our neighbors on the way and they got to sit with Austin, Lukas' best buddy, during the show.

I love going to the zoo. We stood watching the elephants for quite a while, which are my favorite, and then we watched the tigers for probably 20 minutes. The tigers were given a pumpkin and some bones for enrichment, and it was so fun to watch them playing and enjoying their treats.

The zoo was not our only event this weekend. We also went to Coshocton after church yesterday to hang out with my parents. The Applebutter Stirrin' Festival was this weekend, which is a fun, local festival that takes place in Roscoe Village, a canal-era town. Mom was able to stay for about an hour and a half, which was really long enough for all of us. The kids discovered the goldfish pond, which was fun for me. My grandparents lived on top of Roscoe hill when I was a little girl. My sister and I used to walk down the hill with friends to the Sweet Shop, get ice cream, and then walk across the street to the goldfish pond. It was our thing, so it was fun for my kids to discover it (I know that those of you who read my blog often are smiling and rolling your eyes at another one of my little nostalgic trips down memory lane).

My very exhausted children begged to stay at my parents overnight, but we dragged them home both for their sake and for my very tired mother. We carried both children into the house last night. Ava was out cold. I tried to remove her jacket, but she rolled over and snuggled it closer to her. I left her that way until I headed to bed, and she still didn't wake up when I removed it!

Family time is so special and sometimes tiring, but so worth it. I love making memories like this with my kiddos. Fall is one of my favorite times of year for memory making (even if I haven't been able to breathe since the leaves started to change color).  Our next adventure...the pumpkin farm!

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