13 May 2010

Blog Links

I have a few blogs that I follow when I have the time to be still and read. I have plenty of time to read right now since I'm dealing with a major back issue currently. One of my favorite blogger friends posted a link to another blog. I have read one post so far, and I was so encouraged by it that I wanted to post the link to it for you to read. Here's the link to her post which I found to be so well written and uplifting for someone like me:

Also check out my blogging friend, Kim, whom I've been following for probably three years now. I had the privilege of meeting her at the our state homeschooling convention two years ago and hearing her speak as well. It was so fun to meet someone that I had only previously known through the blogosphere! Check out Kim's blog. I love it, and I think you just might like what she has to say too! Here's the link to Kim's blog:

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