23 May 2010

Der Toof Fere

That is not a foreign language you are reading in the subject line to this post. It is the beginning of Ava's note to the Tooth Fairy. She has been wiggling her tooth for ages. It is her second lost tooth. Tonight, she lost it while lying in bed (supposed to be sleeping). She came downstairs to tell us she lost the tooth with blood on her fingers and no tooth. She lost it...for real. Eric searched and couldn't find it. This is our second lost tooth that was completely lost (Lukas lost one in his room a while back), so she knew she just needed to write a note. She's becoming more independent about these things, so she wrote the note herself. Here is what Ava wrote:

"Der Toof Fere. I lost a toof tonwnite. Toof Fere I cant find it."
She wrote her full name at the top of the note as well so that the Toof Fere would know who it was from. I love that girl, and I love her budding independence when she writes these days. She makes me smile.

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