18 June 2010

3 Blessings #4

1. Time Alone!!! I had a chiro appointment this morning. Eric was home with the kids, so I went alone. Afterward, I was able to run errands for a couple hours by myself too. It was much appreciated time to myself even if I was just getting stuff accomplished. When a Mom goes somewhere and there's no arguing in the back seat, it's a much appreciated journey.

2. Lemonade/Art Sale...My children have made their own posters, mixed up some lemonade and are sitting in the front yard trying to sell lemonade and their own artwork. It makes me smile. I just hope someone shows mercy on them and actually purchases something.

3. Cooking...I have been able to be back in the kitchen this week, which is significant because it means my back is getting better. I'm usually in need of a good chair when I'm finished, but at least I'm managing to put some healthy meals on the table again without relying on my already busy husband to help or to do it for me. Some of our culinary treats this week have been sausage lentil soup, turkey reubens and chicken scampi over whole wheat pasta.

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