22 June 2010

3 Blessings #5

I didn't forget that I was planning to do this daily. I just got BUSY over the weekend as you can tell from my previous posts. In addition to the grad party and baptisms, we also had a Father's Day cook-out at our house. Those things were all incredible blessings to us, but they left me with no time to blog. Here are today's 3 blessings...

1. I slept late this morning after a late family night. It was a nice treat!

2. Our family is privileged to minister at a Neighborhood Bible Club this week. Eric is teaching the Bible lesson, the kids are leading worship (I think), and I am helping with crafts. It's going to be a fun three nights!

3. The church posted the video from Sunday's service in which our kids were baptized. They got very close-up to the kids, which is a blessing because our video switch got bumped between Lukas and Ava, so only Lukas' baptism ended up on our video camera. I am SO grateful that they church recorded it and we can get a copy of it!

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