05 June 2010


Recital Weekend. It is so much fun, and so exhausting! We spent three hours on Thursday at the dress rehearsal for Ava's dance recital. She takes tap and ballet. Of course, her ballet class was performing toward the top of the recital, and we had to stay for the entire rehearsal since Eric and Ava were dancing in the father/daughter number at the end. I actually enjoy the rehearsal and performance night. Getting the girls dolled up in costumes, make-up and fancy hair styles is a blast. I love watching all the kids as they become better and better each year. There were some great performances last night!

Ava's ballet class danced to "Second Star to the Right" from Peter Pan wearing sweet little pink tutus with green trim. I haven't uploaded pics yet, but I'm certain that I'll get around to it soon! The tap class danced to "One" from A Chorus Line wearing super cute red and black costumes complete with tiny little top hats. The girls were so completely adorable.

This year, I noticed that some of the girls are really starting to get the hang of this dancing thing. Ava's first recital, two years ago, she pretty much just shook her little hiney and got lots of laughs (it was completely hilarious and cute). This year, she danced! Really, really danced! We are very proud of how far she has come, and we appreciate her teacher, Nikki, so much for investing in our little one the past two years, and the dance studio owner, Sharon, for doing so for the past three. They're amazing with Ava. Sharon recently told me how very talented Ava is. I was so glad to hear it! It makes it worthwhile to know that we're investing time into something at which other people recognize our child's talent.
Because no one consults my calendar before scheduling these events (haha), we finished last night's dance recital only to get up this morning to head to Grave's Piano and Organ for Lukas' piano recital. He wore his suit. I can't say enough how proud he is of that suit! It's the best second hand find I've ever purchased! 

Lukas was first on the recital. He played a piece called Mystery at Blackwater Creek from memory (he worked so hard on it!), and then he played a duet with his teacher called Ponies. There was a little glitch when Mrs. Catlin kind of forgot to put her second page of the duet on the piano, but they recovered. We were very proud of Lukas' progress this year. He has told us many times how much he loves to play the piano, and we truly believe we have discovered something at which he is extremely talented. Having struggled through piano lessons in college, I must admit that I'm very glad that he has this natural skill!

At the end of Lukas' piano recital, all the students who performed lined up for a group shot. That would be the moment at which I noticed that his suit pants, which were perfectly hemmed the day before Easter, were about two inches short!!! I couldn't believe it! I was slightly embarrassed for a split second, but then I just thought it was funny. Kids. They just don't stop growing. 

I'm glad that both kids grew this year, physically, spiritually, in their talents and in maturity. It is bittersweet, but it is amazing to watch. They make my life so much better than it would be without them. I love them so much, and I am crazy proud of them. The past year has brought much growth in our house. Our kids have so much about which to be proud.

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  1. Did you post pics of these somewhere? I am out of it these days so you might have but I would love to see some.