09 July 2010

3 Blessings #15

1. The fact that I have so much swirling in my head may seem overwhelming, but it is a blessing because of the topics which have my head spinning.God is active in our lives!

2. We watched The Lone Ranger with the kids tonight for a family movie night(they borrowed it from their grandparents). I don't recall ever watching this movie, but it reminded me of all the old westerns I used to watch with my grandparents, especially my Grandpa Hendricks. He would call Grandma every afternoon from work to make sure she remembered to record whatever big western was on that day so he could watch it when he got home(and if there was a John Wayne marathon on, we all just knew the t.v. was off limits unless we planned to watch it). It's a good memory of him. He also called her just to say he loved her even if they were fighting, and she would shout, "Jerry!" into the phone in her "I'm disgusted with you voice" with a smile on her face because they both knew he had won the argument just by calling her to say he loved her in spite of their disagreement. Good memories!

3. Natural health remedies rock. I'm currently sitting with a hot, smelly onion pressed against my head below my right ear. It is relieving the pain, and, for that, I am extremely grateful! Thanks to Mindy for sharing this remedy with me. Tomorrow, if I'm still in pain, I'm going to look into getting some tea tree or oregano oil thanks to my Facebook pals blessing me with their knowledge of natural remedies!

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