15 July 2010

3 Blessings #19

I do NOT feel very blessed today. Maybe writing this will help me to see that this day is not a complete and total disaster, but considering that my plumbing still isn't repaired and I briefly caught my oven on fire today on top of dealing w/the plumbing all day, sigh. I'm just not there right now. If yesterday was a difficult day to write this post, then today is almost impossible. I was in complete agreement yesterday with those friends who reminded me that the blessing of being renters is that we don't have to pay for repairs. Today, I would just rather be the one in charge of getting things done. I would never treat anyone the way we've been treated over the past two days, so finding the blessings in this day is not as easy as I would like.

1. Lukas spent the day with a friend, so Ava and I had a tea party over lunch. We tried our hand at some challenging origami. We failed at it, but we still had fun. My mom gave Ava a tea time mother/daughter devotional when she was baptized, so we did some of that. Mama/Daughter time is always a blessing.

2. Cooking can be so therapeutic. Knowing that my family will be enjoying a healthy, from scratch meal makes me feel great on so many levels. Plus, I get to use a sharp knife to work out some of my frustrations. Muwahahaha!

3. While there are so many people in the world who have no integrity, who lie, purposefully mislead and avoid their responsibilities, I am married to a man who willingly stands up to them when needed without compromising his integrity in any way.

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