20 July 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook #53

Outside my window...it may rain. It may not.

I am thinking...  about what is really important and that I have all those things.

I am thankful for... an incredible weekend spent with my loving husband, kids and parents.
I am wearing... a green over-sized night shirt.

I am remembering... so many nostalgic memories inspired by a weekend in my hometown.

I am creating... more amazing family memories.

I am going... to spend extra time praying with my husband tonight and tomorrow.

I am reading... .Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice...still, but I'm enjoying it.
I am hoping... to hear very specific words.
On my mind... the opportunity to teach my children important life lessons with gentleness and grace.

From the learning rooms...  we're discussing the fact that the kids may not earn their summer reading backpacks from the library, and I know it's my fault as much as it is their fault. If Lukas wasn't going to camp next week, we might be able to pull it off, but, since he is going to camp, I'm not so confident.

Noticing that... I have this incredible peace in spite of our circumstances, and that can only come from the One who sustains me every single day.
From the kitchen... I have just spent three and a half days at my parents. I made them buttermilk French toast this morning, and last night's dinner of grilled steak (Dad), freshly snapped green beans (Me and Mom), and corn on the cob (Eric) was made and enjoyed by everyone.

Around the house... our plumbing is repaired and we await the arrival of a carpet cleaner tomorrow to finish the clean-up. My praise of our landlord a week ago has drastically diminished.

One of my favorite things... inexpensive weekends away with my favorite people.
Praying for... continued peace, guidance, discernment,the ability to continue holding onto hope, and many things that are more tangible as well, like Congress approving unemployment extensions, and several people who are close to my heart who are facing things that they shouldn't have to face as far as my finite, human mind can tell.

A Lyric or two...

I never lost my hope!
I never lost my joy!
I never lost my faith,
But most of all,
I never lost my praise!

A verse to share...Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

A few plans for the week... cleaning tomorrow, plans to see several friends throughout the week and packing Lukas and Eric for church camp.

A picture thought... 

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