30 July 2010

Camp Cotubic and Other Stories

I've had a great week. I wasn't sure how this week would go since I wasn't sure how I would sleep without Eric in the house. I actually slept pretty well! 

On Monday, both Eric and Lukas headed to Camp Cotubic for 5 days of church camp. I also took Ava to stay with my parents for two nights. This left me completely alone from around noon on Monday until 11 on Wednesday. 


Like most moms, I haven't been home alone without my husband and kids since becoming a mom, which was  almost 9 years ago.

I have to admit...

It was kinda weird.

I got used to it pretty quickly. The weirdness dissipated and turned into bliss. 

The house was clean. Eric toted all my scrapbooking supplies to the dining room for me before he left. I had some great movies here to watch and Netflix instant plays ready to go. I had cooked extra over the weekend so that I had healthy meals on hand. I gathered a stack of great CDs including works by Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Celtic Woman, Josh Grobin (never did listen to him, but I'm not too disappointed) and more. I lit a summery, berry scented candle. I set myself up for an ideal couple of days.

I worked on my scrapbook intermittently while watching instant play movies. Either through instant play or with DVDs I had on hand, I watched On the Town (Sinatra, Gene Kelly...two of my faves), The Awful Truth (Cary Grant!!!), Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (Jimmy Stewart), Heidi (Shirley Temple), and People Will Talk (another Cary Grant) this week. I also threw in Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy. I'm so sad that she's gone. I very much enjoyed her as an actress. Anyway, I know it seems like a lot of movies for one week, but, with the exception of On the Town and Little Black Book,  I watched them while I was scrapbooking. 

On Wednesday, I headed to Frazeysburg where I met my parents and got my little gal back. We spent the day in the woods, as Ava says. She thinks Frazeysburg is in the woods because whenever we go there, we're at our friends, the Killianys, and they do actually live in the middle of the woods somewhat near Frazeysburg.

Hanging out with my dear friend, Sarah, has been one of my favorite things to do since I was in junior high school. I appreciate her and the intimacy that 20+ years of friendship provides us, and I'm always amazed at how God planned a life-long friendship for the two of us. We have more in common as adults than we did as kids. I am blessed by Sarah so much. What was supposed to be a brief couple hours ended with us staying until dark. Ava got to hold a chicken, much to her delight, and she can't wait to go back to spend a weekend with them in a few weeks. We're all looking forward to that!

Yesterday, Ava and I had a girls' day. She is delightful and will make you smile all the way through a day. I allowed her to help make the plans for the day. We worked on a Disney scrapbook that she's putting together. She is half-way done already (and would have done more but she was also half-past board at that point). After that, we went to see a movie and ended up at the Easton fountain where Ava splashed and played for over an hour while I sat in the shade and watched (while having a conversation via text with my sister). We were at Easton almost until dark, which I didn't plan at all, but it's always so nice to just walk around and window shop there. Ava picked a store (her fave was Build-a-Bear, of course), and then I would pick a store (my fave was Teavana where we tried lots of samples of various teas). At the end of the day, I felt so blessed to have spent such an incredible day with Ava. Mother-daughter days don't come often enough for the two of us.

Today was the day we were able to reunite with our men. We missed them. On Monday when we left them to board the bus to camp, Ava cried crocodile tears. She survived the week without them, of course, but we both missed them terribly. We have spent this day listening to story after story about camp and how completely awesome it was. I have to say that this camp sounds way cooler than any camp I ever attended as a kid! I have heard stories of a water slide, giant water blob, water trampoline, slip-n-slide with slime (ewww), camp fires, s'mores, a ho-down, prayer station, delivering blankets to a nursing home, lots of games, and, and, and...They had a blast. That's probably an understatement. Lukas cannot wait to return to Camp Cotubic next year. Ava is planning to go as well (we'll see if we're ready for that by then). 

Both Lukas and Eric returned home with sunburns, bug bites and tired eyes. Lukas slept this afternoon, and Eric is tucking him in for the night right now. I think he'll fall asleep almost immediately. These are signs of a blessed week. I had a blessed week as well even without my men around. I missed them terribly, and I have tried to convince Lukas that he can never leave me for more than five days EVER. He insists that he must go away for college some day. Heehee! I guess these little trips to camp are preparing us for bigger milestones. I am completely thrilled that Lukas was able to go to camp this week, but I am so glad to have him back too. He's growing up just a little too quickly for me lately. Sigh. I love that boy.

And...I love his dad. I'm glad that he won't be growing up and going away to college without me some day. Heehee! I get to keep him.

The reality of life has already kicked back into gear. Eric works at UDF tomorrow. I have two suitcases of laundry to wash plus the mysteriously missing laundry of Ava (she has nothing in the laundry room and no clean shorts in her drawers...hmmmm). The kitchen which was clean all week (because I barely cooked) has exploded in the time it took to make one meal. A cake must be made to celebrate Ava's spiritual birthday tomorrow. Much is to be done, and our week of respite comes to an end. It was a good week. I'm thanking Jesus for it, and I'm thanking Jesus for the busyness that now replaces it as well. Busyness is always a sign of blessing.

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