18 September 2010

Dad's Upcoming Surgery

I've been making more trips to Coshocton this week as well as a field trip, school, rehearsals, piano, dance....you got it. We've been busy. I absolutely want to blog about the field trip, but I'm requiring myself to accomplish my to-do list first. So for now, here's a quick update on my Dad.

Yesterday, I took Dad to the specialist. He ended up having the same injection in his eye that I have had done twice. Although my eye diagnosis (I had histoplasmosis...google it) was completely different, we both had the symptom of irregular vessels leaking into our eyes (in my case, it was fluid, in his case, it is blood) and blocking our vision. I can say with total assurance that this is a great solution to this part of his eye issue since I know my vision is still 20/20 other than one blurred spot in my eye (so if you ever see me looking at something with one eye closed, you'll know why. ;) Once the vessels stop leaking and the blood clears, his vision should return.

While Dad was there, the doctor decided to schedule surgery on his other eye(out of which he can see nothing but shapes and light) and discovered that he had a cancellation for THIS MONDAY morning!!! They did all the pre-surgery stuff and got him all set to have surgery on Monday at 9:30. I'll be traveling to Coshocton tomorrow to bring Dad and Mom back to my place where they'll stay until Tuesday after his post-op appointment when I'll take them back to Coshocton. See a trend here? My ride is getting lots of miles right now!

My kids were briefly excited about all this time running back and forth to Coshocton until they found out that Daddy doesn't work on Monday and Tuesday, so he can do some teaching while I'm busy. I have to say I enjoyed that one a little bit. They're actually pretty excited about having Daddy as a teacher for a couple days. 

So...Please be praying for traveling safety, wisdom for the doctor and healing for Dad. The doctor told Dad that he thinks he'll be able to drive by the end of October, so we're all hopeful that this will happen. I know how much he would like to be back on the road again! 

Thanks for your prayers everyone!

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