24 September 2010


I realize this post is way overdue, but this is my life lately. I feel like I'm making excuses for the lack of posts on both my blogs lately. Ah, well. What can a girl do?

Dad's surgery went well. It took longer than expected, but the doctor seemed to be pleased. He found some unexpected swelling on Dad's retina, so he spent some time working on that while he was in there. 

On Monday evening after the surgery, Dad was in a lot of pain, but he pushed through and was much better on Tuesday. His follow-up appointment went very well. He was in a great mood after seeing the doctor and hearing that he may be back to being able to drive in a couple months. He would like to be driving now, but that is not what he should be doing quite yet.

His right eye continues to gradually improve. His left eye, which is the surgical eye, has not seen much improvement since the surgery, but that is normal since the eye needs time to heal from both the surgery and the trauma of the supposed stroke that caused this.

In other good news, Dad's glucose levels are well controlled! He has managed to get his diabetes under control in somewhat record time, in my opinion. I was very happy to hear this! His general practitioner was also glad to discover this news.

Thanks for your continued prayers for healing and wisdom for the doctor as well as traveling mercies for us as we do extra traveling to assist my parents. Dad has another follow-up appointment next Friday, October 1st.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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