24 October 2010

Bloop, Bloop

Do you have an awesome Christian radio station where you live? We have one here in Columbus that we listen to nearly every day. If you're ever driving through, tune into 104.9 The River (bloop, bloop...just go with me on this. It's at the end of their call number each time). It's refreshing, godly radio with NO TALK radio the way most Christian radio stations are. I'm not saying that talk radio is a negative thing; I actually used to enjoy listening to Focus on the Family and a few other shorter radio shows once in a while, but, most of the time, when you're taming the children in the car, music serves the purpose better. 104.9 always delivers, and Lukas enjoys it so much that he has started listening to it at home each morning too.

About a week and a half ago, Lukas became a little bit obsessed with winning a contest on The River. It started when "Lukas" was the name of the day for the River Name Game. We didn't win, though Eric and I both tried to call. Lukas was devastated. The prize for that contest was four tickets to Fort Rapids, an indoor water park here in Columbus. There were actually tears as a result of this great, devastating loss. He assumed we would win because, last spring, when "Ava" was the name of the day, we did actually win four tickets to the COSI extreme screen theater. He was pretty bummed about losing the Name Game.

After that, Lukas starting posting "Tomorrow's Answer Today" on a post-it note on the front of the radio so that we could call and try to win that game each morning. It was kind of making me laugh. Then, last Wednesday, we were listening at home in the afternoon when they announced they were playing, "Are You Smarter than a River Kid?" Lukas begged for the phone, and I consented (I have The River in my contacts list at this point). He called not realizing he had to actually have a question ready to stump them, so I fed him a question from that day's history lesson (something they told us happens all the time with this game). He asked them, "How tall is the Great Pyramid of Giza?" Of course, almost no one knows such an answer, so he won! He could not have been happier! He went to church on Wednesday and told everyone. 

Today was the day we got to use his prize. He won four tickets to today's Columbus Crew game followed by a Phil Stacey concert. He was super excited about the Crew game, and I was super excited about the concert. It was shaping up to be a great late afternoon/evening of relaxed family fun until Eric happened to stumble upon the information that the concert was moved to BEFORE the game. ACK! We were late by about 10 minutes, but we caught most of the concert and we were able to meet Phil Stacey and have our pic taken with him (which I can't post because we used a cheap disposable since the Crew website said I couldn't take my Canon...but LOTS of people had them. Grrrr). He was great to meet and talk to, and his concert was pretty good! Some artists are not as good live as they are on the air, but he absolutely was! I guess that's probably why he made it to the top 5 on American Idol. I will definitely see him again if I have the opportunity. 

I don't think I've ever had my photo taken with a celebrity even when I've had the opportunity (though I do kind of wish I hadn't passed up the opportunity to meet Candace Cameron Bure a few years ago). It's not usually my thing, but this man so impressed me when he was on Idol. He was always poised no matter what was thrown at him. His values shown through everything he did even before we knew for sure from the press that he was a believer. He's a family man and a Navy man. It was an honor to meet a man that so epitomizes what being a celebrity should be. It was pretty cool to have our photo taken with him.

Now, after this glorious family day given to us by The River, Eric is snuggling our children into bed. Lukas is exhausted after a weekend filled with activity. He went to the zoo with Grandma on Friday, spent all day and last night at a birthday party for a friend, got home this afternoon to nap(because he went to bed around 3 and had to get up to go to church with his friend this morning) and was awakened to rush to the concert early. He loved the game. Ava loved the concert. Eric liked both, and I was surprised that I enjoyed the game as much as I did (the concert was lovely, as I mentioned). It wasn't the game so much as the chance to be outdoors on a perfect fall day and enjoy time with my family while discovering major league soccer. It was pretty interesting. I would go again. I think I could maybe even become a fan.

I love days like this and weekends like this, but I'm tired! Today's busy day followed a Saturday of activity. Eric and I took Ava to Logan and did some hiking after hitting up the bulk food store (I seriously purchased 50 lbs of whole wheat flour among other things). I will sleep hard tonight, as I think everyone in our house will! I hope that you are also blessed with a night of exhausted slumber.

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