03 October 2010

A Fair Journey

The first crisp leaves crunch under your feet. Bright lights flash everywhere you look. Children dressed in cowboy boots, black pants and white button down shirts dash around from barn to barn dragging goats, sheep, horses, cows.... 

Something is spinning and whirring and bouncing everywhere you look. 

A band plays. There is screaming. Singing. Shouting. "Every kid is a winner!" 

Cheap prizes which every child thinks they must have are hanging everywhere. Gold fish. Bunnies. Stuffed animals filled with styrofoam pellets.

The smell of hay. Leaves. Animals. DiRusso's Italian sausages. Gyros. Onion rings. Candy apples. Taffy. Elephant toes. Funnel cake. Cotton candy. Pizza. Corn dogs. Fresh mud. It all wafts together in glorious unity.

High school students wear neon shoes, skinny jeans and varsity jackets while dashing up and down the midway. A boy holds a special girl's hand for the first time. They steal a kiss behind the Ferris wheel.

Tractors work so hard  that you can hear them above the noise of the spinning rides. Horses gallop around the track whilst someone details their every move. A rodeo. A concert. Politicians. 4-H. FFA. Schools. Crafts. Crops. The best of everything is everywhere.

Drizzle. Rain. Cold. Every year.

Smiles. Laughter.

Friends meet like they have in this place for decades. Old friends return to reconnect in this youthful place,  virtually unchanged through the decades. Time hasn't changed this place. Everything is in the same place as if time has stood still.

The same sights.

The same sounds. 

The same smells.

The same faces.

And that's why I love it.

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