05 October 2010

Our New Feline Friend

On Friday afternoon we were offered a cat for free, litter box included. The owners weren't allowed to keep him anymore for one reason or another, and a mutual friend suggested that we might take him. I've been the big hold-out in our family as far as getting a pet goes. I am NOT a dog person. I've always loved cats, but, for a while we thought I was allergic. After allergy testing, we discovered that my allergy is actually to dust mites, and, since I'll never manage to eliminate all the dust mites in my house anyway (because no one can), why not enjoy a cat?

So we picked up Mochi on Sunday. We're not entirely in love with his name, so we may change it(though this makes me feel slightly guilty). Right now, we're leaning toward Mozart because it's similar enough to Mochi that he may learn to answer to it quickly(Plus, it's SO us!). We're not sure yet. We'll keep you posted. ;)

So here's our new friend. Isn't he gorgeous?

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