29 November 2010

The Great North Carolina Thanksgiving

A couple months ago, my dad mentioned to me that we could all ride together to my sister's in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. I love spending Thanksgiving with family. Being with extended family on Thanksgiving makes the holiday for me. When the details of the trip were decided, I was pretty excited to see my sister and her family and spend time with them. 

My kids adore their cousins. Lukas and Zack are 18 months apart, and so they play so well together and enjoy so many of the same things. They had a blast while we were there playing laser tag, watching movies, wrestling and even playing a game with the adults. Lukas is just old enough for that, so it was fun to have him with us during some of our game time. The boys also got to go hiking with Papa, which was a real treat. He took them twice on Thanksgiving. I don't know exactly what they did or where they went, but I know they had fun. Eric went with them the second time. Whatever they did, it was manly and exciting.

On Friday, Cassie and I took the girls to Cassie's favorite coffee shop. We sipped coffee and hot cocoa and talked. I was so blessed by our time together with the girls! They had so much fun doing something so grown-up. Afterward, we headed to a theater to see Tangled. It has to be the best Disney movie made in years. I loved it! It was Maia's first theater movie, and both girls sat all the way through it without any wiggling. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

We did so much laughing this weekend. It felt great. It's no secret that things have been tough for us in the past year. It wears on a person after a while. I think that the laughter I enjoyed this weekend was my greatest Thanksgiving blessing. It makes me wish in some ways that we could live closer to my sister and her family just so we could enjoy time together like this more often. I miss her terribly when months and months go by without getting to see each other. Seeing her twice in a month was truly a blessing!

I have to tell my favorite moment of the weekend but wrapping up this memory post. Cassie's kids have been recycling a cold for a few weeks now. There have been lots of runny noses. When Maia was making a craft using foamies, she made a cute face. Underneath the nose were two little triangles of...snot. We all laughed so hard. I know it's completely gross, but it was the most hilarious thing!

We traveled home late on Saturday evening and arrived in Columbus around 2:00 in the morning. The weekend had some ups and downs, but all families have a few bumps in the road. The good memories we had over the weekend will never be forgotten. That is something for which we can be truly thankful!

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