29 November 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook #71

Outside my window...I can hear the traffic racing around 270.

I am thinking...about early birds and night owls and wondering why some people think one is better than the other.
I am thankful for... the start of new endeavors.
I am wearing...gray jogging pants with a red and white stripe and an OSU t-shirt.
I am remembering... Ava wrapping herself in Christmas garland when she was a toddler.

I am creating...the 25 Days of McEvoy Christmas plan.

I am going... to do the things that the Lord lays on my heart rather than the things which people pressure me to do.

I am reading... The Poisonwood Bible, but still not that far into it. I haven't had much reading time lately.
I am hoping... to have time to enjoy the next month and a half.
On my mind... the pounding in my head that started yesterday.

From the learning rooms...  finishing our study of Jacob and moving onto Joseph, parallel and perpendicular lines, memorizing lines for the Christmas play and enjoying Christmas read alouds.

Noticing that... those things which may be perceived as negative by others can be very positive for me.
From the kitchen... lean hamburgers sans buns with vegetable quinoa pilaf (I'll get around to inventing this recipe in a little while. We really need to get groceries!).

Around the house...the kids need to clean up the remnants of today's creativity.

One of my favorite things... shopping for my kids and planning Christmas fun with them.
Praying for... provision beyond my wildest imagination.

A verse to share..."If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless." James 1:26
A lyric or two... 

One king held the frankensense,
One king held the myrrh.
One king held the purest gold,
And one king held the hope of the world.

A few plans for the week... dance, school, piano, doctors appointments, rehearsals, shopping, piano competition and the start of our annual 25 days of Christmas celebration.

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  1. I agree about early bird/night owl. Does it really make a difference? This can be a frustrating topic. lol Sometimes I take it so personal. ha

    Good for you about doing things the Lord lays on your heart. It's VERY hard to not be pressured or GUILTED into doing things. We have to remember that when we doing things that HE didn't ask us to do then we are interfering with what HE had planned for us.

    When I look at your plans for the week I don't see any space in there for SLEEP!! I hope you are finding time to rest. You sound busy. When does your Christmas break start?