06 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Day 6

Today is Saint Nicholas Day! We have never celebrated this day, but I figured it was an ideal time for our annual reading of Dandi Daley Mackall's The Legend of Saint Nicholas. My children did not remember this story even though this is at least the third year we've read it. That makes it even more special to me because it's like they experienced it for the first time! Here's a photo of the book. Check your local library or favorite book store for a copy to share with your kiddos!


  1. I will be reading Christmas books one of these days. I have reserves at the library. This is a fun one. The kids love to have books read to them and it's a special time together. You are making fun memories.

  2. Hi Kendra- - Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I'm glad you've been reading about St. Nick, too... It's fun to see how our modern traditions had historical roots, isn't it? Enjoy this season!