08 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Days 7 and 8

Eric wasn't home to enjoy our Day 7 festivities as he had to work both of his jobs yesterday, so we kept it simple. We read a Christmas storybook, and I allowed the children to choose it from our library book crate. I reserved several books, all recommended in the December supplement for Five in a Row, which is Ava's homeschooling curriculum. The children chose for me to read Babar and Father Christmas

I personally love Babar stories, and I remember the Babar series being read to me as a child. I even remember the Toledo Museum of Art having a Babar exhibit, and my first grade class visited it on a field trip (my husband will tell you that I have a crazy weird memory). Babar is special for me, so I was glad they chose this book. I don't remember ever reading it, but it was a fun story. The kids got a few chuckles out of it even though it had pretty much nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas.

Tonight we made Christmas cards for grandparents as our Day 8 activity. The kids have very much looked forward to this project. I am not posting the photos because I want their grandparents to be surprised, but I will say that they are super cute this year!

Here are links to the ideas on which we based our cards this year so you can try them with your kiddos(Don't look grandparents):

Snow Man Card (We added glitter dots for snow)

The cards turned out extremely well! The second one turned out so well, I could easily make more and have the kids display them in our own house!

This was probably the most fun I've had doing a craft in a while. I'm so pleased with them! The kids did an excellent job!

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