12 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Days 11 and 12

This weekend's planned activities were pretty simple. Yesterday, we watched the movie, Elf, with the kids. Lukas had been asking to see it(prior to this viewing, I had said no because I was afraid it would encourage him not to believe in Santa), and it is one of my favorite newer Christmas movies (my absolute faves are all older movies). Our children giggled all the way through this movie. Ava, who initially begged us to watch The Polar Express instead (which we watched this evening while the snow fell), squealed with laughter all the way through the movie. That's why we're doing this. Moments like this, when I hear Ava's laughter or gaze on Lukas' grin, remind me that it is so important to be purposeful about the memories you choose to make with your family this time of year. Your kids don't want to remember that they were dragged around to someplace different each and every day. I promise that they will be thrilled with staying home now and then! More than anything else, they want to be with you, and home is where they are able to get the greatest measure of your attention.

Today we attended an open house together that was hosted by the Kids Matter ministry team from our church. We got to see the McKay's new house, which was a treat, and we visited with other families from church for about an hour and a half before heading home. The roads were mostly good other than the near accident we had in a parking lot as we slid uncontrollably while the driver heading toward us was completely oblivious to our near collision. She seriously didn't even notice us, and we missed her by a foot at the most.If you must drive in bad weather, please be aware of the other drivers on the road!

That was bonus information that clearly has nothing to do with our family fun this month. The kids also had the privilege of performing in church this morning with the kids choir. The musical is coming up on Saturday, and they are getting more and more excited as the days go on (which means that I am getting more and more busy as the days go on since I'm directing).

One more thing that really doesn't go with this blog, but I'm sticking it in here anyway since I can! Hahaha! Does anyone have any great Christmas devotionals to do with kids? We spend time each evening doing a family devotional, and I've been wondering if there was something we could do differently over the next couple weeks. Any ideas are welcomed!

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