10 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Days 9 and 10

Day 9 has been an annual tradition since Lukas was 3. Each year, our children are given the opportunity to purchase a gift for their sibling. We try to remember who took which kid shopping the previous year, we plan where we will go so that we're not in the same store, and we go shopping. This was my year to shop with Ava, so we headed to Target.  She picked the first item that she wanted to consider for Lukas and added it to the cart. She picked out a second item and added it to the cart. And a third. And a fourth. And a fifth.

I asked Ava if she was ready to choose which item she was going to give to Lukas. She looked at me with a look of utter confusion, then looked toward the items in the cart and had no idea what to say. I immediately realized that she thought she was buying ALL of those items she had chosen for Lukas, which would have put her way over her little budget. We talked again about how much she had to spend and how much each of the items she was considering cost, and then we started putting items back. Later, she found yet another item and decided on it instead. I won't say what she bought just in case Lukas' eyes wonder to my blog, but he's going to love his sister's gift to him this year!

Eric and Lukas had intended to head to Walmart but made a stop somewhere else first, purchased a gift that Ava would definitely have loved, and then went to Walmart where Lukas found something that he just knew Ava would love. The great thing is that I know she will love it, and he chose it perfectly for her. That is what is so sweet about this shopping trip. They always choose perfect gifts that the other one will please the other child.

When both children open their gifts from each other, something we traditionally have them do on Christmas Eve, they will be thrilled. It really is special to see your kids loving each other in this way. If you have the opportunity to let them shop for one another, I recommend it. If you have a larger family, you could have the children pool their money and decide on one sibling gift per child. Since children don't often have a lot to spend, it could get pretty expensive to buy gifts for four or five siblings all at once!

Today was Day 10. Eric had to work at Aflac and UDF today, so we didn't really get to do anything with him. That always makes the kids sad, but we made the best of it since we are extremely grateful for Eric's new job for which he is training. I planned a game night for the kids. The plan was for all three of us to play Mouse Trap. Unfortunately, poor Lukas has been struggling with a headache today after being awake during the night, so both school and game night were a little less than productive for him today (not a big deal since it was our last day of school til January 4th). He laid on the couch while Ava and I played Mouse Trap. 

The trap defeated us! By that, I mean that we did something wrong. The trap didn't work, and I finally had to take about 10 minutes to disassemble and reassemble the trap until I figured it out. The marble was in the wrong spot. Ha! It couldn't have been a simpler mistake. That'll be fun to remember each time we pull the game from the box.

34 Year old Woman Defeated by Game Designed for 6 Year Olds.

Yep. That's me!

These moments when we are doing special things are some of the most important that we have. Some fun crafts are coming soon! I'll be sure to take photos for you to see!

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