23 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Days 23 & 24

Today was a day of crazy busy activity around here. It isn't that we aren't ready for Christmas. It's just that I want certain things to be done. I want the house to be clean even though we aren't having a lot of company because we are worth it (and the mama enjoys life so much more in a clean house). I want certain things to be baked to give away as gifts since that's one annual tradition that doesn't cost us very much. I want to not stay up all night tomorrow getting things ready for Christmas morning. Because of all these "wants," today was a seriously busy day.

I had planned a craft for our 25 Days, but I neglected to get the necessary photos needed for the project, so we couldn't do it. However, we wrapped Eric's gifts, cleaned bedrooms, did countless loads of laundry (at least 1 more to go), baked sugar cookies, mixed and baked thumbprints, enjoyed a healthy, family dinner and snuggled poor, sick Ava a few times. It's her "most favorite thing to do" when she's sick, and the poor child is indeed sick. She has a head cold, most likely the same cold that has Eric taking two antibiotics. I'm hoping that she doesn't end up on antibiotics. It has been so long since one of the kids was sick that I didn't even know what medicine to suggest to Eric when he called me from Walgreens. I think it's been years since one of them has had an antibiotic!

All that is to say that baking together became the activity of the day. When we make sugar cookies, we all help. It's a blast each year. We mix the dough one day, roll and cut them out the next. We throw flour on each other. We eat cookie dough and fresh, warm cookies. The good news this year is that I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe, which I got from DeeDee Wesney when we were first married. I probably haven't seen DeeDee in 10 years. She would probably be surprised that her cookie recipe has me thinking of her each Christmas.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I doubt that I'll take the time to blog. Our 24th Day celebration will consist of going to Christmas Eve service, at which I'll be singing with the choir while Eric and the kids watch along with Eric's parents. I'm glad they'll be joining us this year! We're also headed to a party after church at our friends, the Fents, who used to live in our back yard (not literally, of course, but they did live on the other side of our fence for the first 4 1/2 years that we lived here). We miss them, so we are very much looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night!

This 25 days has been a lot of fun this year. We didn't do as much crafting as usual, but we made a lot of great memories this year. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are going to be so wonderful for us!

Tomorrow night, when we get home, the kids will exchange gifts with each other. This is our Christmas Eve tradition. Lukas is absolutely falling apart because he wants so badly to give Ava's gift to her. She's going to love it. I have no doubt about that. Lukas told me that he's really into giving more than getting gifts this year. Ava jumped on that as well and agreed with him. I love this about my children. They really get "it" sometimes. Today I was reminded about how great they are. Snuggles with Ava are my favorite even if she is sick. Listening to Lukas giggle and wrestle with Eric is my favorite too. Christmas is my favorite. Jesus is my favorite.

This favorite time of year...rocks.

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